the five love language book summary

The Five Love Language book summary

Chapter 1

  • Love is something that should start at home. The first thing you learn about love is to love your family. According to my, love means Sam and Grace, my mother Daddy who have me for 50 loved more than years. If these people do not give me so much love, then instead of writing this book I would have been still looking for love, for me home also means Caroline with whom I have been married for more than forty years. People talk in different languages, but the way to express the language and feelings of love is the same in the whole world.
  • After so many years of my marriage, I realized that love has five emotional languages. By using these five, everyone their love
  • can express and emotion. I can say with certainty that if you learn to understand the primary language of your spouse and speak it, then the secret of a long last and loving married life will be keyed to you.

Chapter 2 

What happens to love after marriage?

  • Once I met a man who asked me about my profession. When he finds out that. I am a marriage counsellor and lead marriage enrollment seminars, so the man asked” what happens to love after marriage ?” The man had had three marriages. His first marriage ten years, the lasted second marriage for three years and the third marriage for six years. Now after the failure of three or three marriages, he is surprised that where does love go after marriage?
  • His first marriage lasted well for three to four years, then he became a baby. After Baby’s arrival, all the attention of his wife went towards their new Born Baby. The husband felt as if he did not have any imports at home. When he said this to his wife, he said that taking care of the baby by becoming a nurse around the clock is not a joke, but he should also help her in this work. He felt worse after hearing this about his wife and then the distance between them kept increasing. Both were unable to understand each other, due to which there was no such thing as love between them. Then one day both of them got into an agreement that they should take the devours and thus the marriage broke up.
  • Her second marriage was not good from the beginning. Both of them got married only after dating for six months. They had such a bad experience on their honeymoon that they could never forget this. It was a whirlwind romance before marriage.
  • And after marriage, the real war started. Then soon this second marriage also did not last and the man was once again devoured. Then three years later he met another girl with whom he married after two years of dating. Before marrying this girl, their relationship was very good. She did not get as much positive person of this girl till today.
  • But after a few months of marriage, she started to complain about small things like “Why didn’t you put garbage out or put clothes to dry”. Then a few days later he started questioning the man’s character. She used to tell him that “I can’t trust you, your affair is going on outside. Her complaints were increasing day by day and she was starting to do negative behaviour. Nothing was right in her married life and then an On that day, the man-made up his mind to leave his third wife as well. His love for the girl had ended in his heart. And thus again he got the third time.
  • Divorced from there are thousands of people who get married after getting married. Most marriages break up not because there was no serious effort to save her, but because Love was expressed in Rong Way. Then their friends, keep asking therapists and counsellors the reason why it happened. The simple answer to the question is- Desiring a romantic love in married life is human psychological makeup. So you need to give attention to your partner and you have to learn his primary love language.
  • Every person can have a different love language. Therefore, you will have to identify yourself and your partner’s love, so that you can have a long-lasting happy marriage. Enjoy life.

Chapter 3 

Keeping the Love Tank Full  – through different love language.

  • Everyone has an emotional love tank. Whenever a person receives love in the primary language, then his / her love tank starts filling up and in this way the person feels the love. And when we do not get love in our primary languages, then this tank becomes empty and we feel that there is a lack of love in our life. Issues in the relationship come when these tanks start emptying. When a person falls in love, he feels that this relationship is now forever. as some time 2 Afteryearslater, within the coming issues in every relationship. If you want your relationship to be long last, then you will have to learn the primary language of your spouse. If their love tank is full then only they will be able to give you a lot of love.

Chapter 4 

Falling in Love 

  • This chapter is a little pacifistic and also sad. I will tell you the eject process of falling in love with someone in this chapter. But maybe without any details, I should funnily end this thing. Because by “falling in love” telling you the process of, I want to be realistic. You might find it a bit pessimistic. This perspective means makes sense many couples fall in love because get married and become separate at last. It is sad but true that in our culture these days devours have become very common.
  • I have seen that after two years of in love with people, people start seeing the other side of the partner’s nature, which they have never seen before. They get more pens and hearts thinking how blind they were in love. When the addiction of love comes down, Kadvi realities are seen which makes them even more rooted. Then get hair in the sink like a small region in their relationship, the cause of the conflict and has to pretend to be them lie hilt happy face logo.
  • I can give you a solution to this, Falling in love happens to everyone. If every couple realizes that they are connected due to their active choice, then they can also learn to love each other again. In this chapter, we said that the process of falling in love is a temporary emotional experience and real love does not start until the emotional falling in love process starts. The fact is that every relationship is different and the main focus of this chapter is to explain that falling in love is easy but staying in love is a difficult task. It is a completely different task. You will get thousands of difficulties in the way of love, many challenges will come in front of you but you do not have to give up. In any case, you have to fight for your love. And the best part is that when you come out of these Hurdles and Obstacles together, your relation will become even stronger.

Chapter 5 

Love Language # 1: Words of Operation

  •  I believe that your partner expressively praises you openly and gives you greater happiness and if you feel pampered, then you should also appraise your partner, give them a love for love needed. This is your partner’s love language, understand it and accordingly move forward in your relationship. Once a lady could not convince her husband to paint in the bedroom even after trying for nine months, she brought her problem to me. I gave her the advice that whatever your husband does, he should do every small thing. Let’s complement and then look amazing. That lady did exactly that and the magic going on. His husband happily painted his bedroom.
  • Every time there doesn’t need to be louder than action words. Words of comfort can increase the confidence of anyone. If this is your primary language, then it means that when someone gives you a real supplement, you say” I love you”, on the other hand, if your heart breaks due to someone’s insult which remains long in your heart, then my advice is whatever your. partner’s emotions are not hurt, Always remember that you or even a little mismatch can hurt your partner.

Chapter 6 

Love Language # 2:Quality Time 

  • In this chapter, I will give you some tips that will enable you to enjoy quality coverage with your special person. If this is the primary love language of your spouse, then you should use these tips definitively. Now it may not be your primary love language, yet you do it for your partner. Also, take time out for some quality activities with your partner.
  • For Example, as a lady said “Mary
  • and Derek never fought”, it was not because they had never had any hardship in the relationship, but because they didn’t need a fight for anything. Their communication with each other was always very good, so they never had any fight. Now he knew very well how to do effective communication with his spouse so that there is no problem of misunderstanding .. Communication is very important in any relationship. This is the key to your relationship. Whom you very much Love you do, all your work together with him. Give full value to the activities done together, then your partner will also give you that much attention and love.
  • Do you remember this? If your attention is not received, your partner may also be hurt. Some things can cause a rift in the relationship such as not listening to your partner, detention and postponing your special dates, if, there is you avoid all this battering.

Chapter 7

 Love Language #  3:Receiving gifts

  • Receiving gifts are visual symbols of true love. The person whose primary love is to take gift gifts, they are very happy to get gifts from their partner. By getting a gift, they feel that there is someone who takes care of them. This thing makes them so happy that the absence of a small daily gesture can hurt them. The gift is not just an expansive thing. A gift is given from the heart and it has the true feelings of the giver. Then, even if it is small, it can give happiness to your partner if you have given it from the heart. Your partner will see your love and intuition behind it. Sometimes by giving a gift, you also get the appraisal of your partner. And as we said earlier, if it is your partner’s primary love language, then please keep your partner happy by giving gifts. First, make a list of the things they like, then decide what kind of gift you should give.

Chapter 8 

Love Language # 4:Acts of Service 

  • The”concept of acts of Service” is an essential part of the languages of love. with Love and Compassion instead of Feeling of Necessity “Acts of Service” People should try. It is a very delicate language of any married life, but if it is performed carefully with compression, then any married couple can be happy with Complete Harmony. If you have chosen love, then express it in such a way that your spouse can feel that love and then this act will be emotionally effective. This act any gilt, should not be due to fear or regulation. If you are doing this act for these reasons, then it is of no use.
  • Like now I give you an example of Jim’s story. There was a woman named Janice, she shared her story with me. She told me that she continued to serve her husband for twenty years, but her husband always treated her like a doormat. He ignores her and also mistreats her. He used to humiliate him in front of his friends and family. She still did not hate her husband. She never wanted to bad her husband, but in the last, she was so fed up that now she did not want to be with him. The woman did the act of service for twenty years but did not have an expression of love. That act gilt was done because of regent and fear. An “act of service ” will be considered when he gets his partner’s love when his partner says to him” Bring this work, I do it,” and will help you from the heart, try to reduce your burden and also Will understand responsiveness.

Chapter 9

 Love language # 5:Physical touch

  • I think physical touch is the action that touches our soul too. It is not just sexual, the intimacy you simply hold your partner’s hand or sit with him. In many relationships, it happens that one partner sees physical touch only by associating with sexual intimacy, while for other partners it may mean holding hands or talking quality time. It is very difficult to combine them. But its solution is that everyone should learn to compress and compromise in their relationship. Many times it happens that people embrace each other in times of trouble because physical touch is a powerful communication of love. In difficult times, we need more love and belonging than anything. If you feel that your partner’s primary language is also a physical touch, whenever he feels depressed, give him a tight hug and lift his mood. This will bring a smile to their face again.

Chapter 10 

Discovering Your Primary Love Language:

  • After lovingly allotting different love languages of five types, I will now discuss the methods so that you will be able to discover yourself and your partner’s primary love languages. There are two basic regions behind doing this. The first is that you will understand your language and the second that you will also know what your partner prefers. I would like to tell Bob’s story here, which seems that physical touch is a primary love language for him, along with Shrew Intimacy. Here I would also like to clarify that many men mistake to understand that whatever they like, their partner will also like it. They think that women also means physical touch considers only is not sex. I am sure that if a woman gets appreciation from her partner, love and care then she would like to be physically intimate herself. First, you identify your love language, understand it so that your emotional conflict with your partner is minimized. Couples who understand their primary love language have deep love among them.

Chapter 11

 Love is a Choice The 

  • the only way to make your married life long-lasting is to understand each other’s love legions and promise to love each other every day so that your love tank is always full. In this chapter, there is a question for the readers and it has been tried to know that there is such a situation that the couple should communicate their anger and past mistakes by ignoring each other’s love language. I have this answer that basic love is the choice of both right and wrong regions. When a partner encounters a misstep in love, he should apologize.
  • The meaning of marriage is that there can be both right and wrong decisions, then both partners must speak sorry and learn to forgive. Everyone should appreciate their life partner. There may be lakhs of evil in them, but it is true love to deal with them with the Right Emotion. No matter how many arguments you have between them, remain focused and never stop loving. There should be a spark in every relationship because man both and woman yearn for it. The author of this book has advised that if you want to maintain your love life, then learn each other’s love language and also apologize and apologize which will keep you together in any tough situation.

Chapter 12 

Love Max The Difference 

  • The psychologist has declared that Love forms a connection with your other needs like Significant Security and Self Appreciation. It has been proved that when your partner’s love makes you feel safe and worth it. It gives you a sense of security. This is the best feeling in the world when you love someone as much as when you first met. You can think of it as a blessing. When you get love, then you feel how valuable you are. Your self-esteem is built and it also improves your quality of life. If there is a lot of love in the married life, then you share any problem with your partner without any hedge Love is not just a solution. Rather, it is also a platform where an unleaving spouse also becomes Loving by mutual understanding.

Chapter 13 

Loving the Unleveredthe question of

  • This chapter of mine is based on my readers. The name of that reader is Ann, whose question is whether anyone can love an unloved person. Hearing this question, my wife and I had missed some tuff experiences of our married life. We also went through a period when both of us used to make many arguments. We used to get so angry at each other that we had to fight on every small thing, the result of which was that we started hating each other’s face as well.
  • Our issues had become so big that confidence in our concept of love in our married life had arisen. Then we sat together and discussed all the problems without harming each other’s emotions. Instead of anger and hate, we softly listened to each other and understood. We gave our Onesnation without any extra demand so that our loving relationship will remain intact. And the result of all this was that we discovered our languages of love.
  • Loving an unloved person can be an extremely tough job for anyone. The primary reaction of HATE is also HATE and ANGRY. When there is a lack of love in the relationship, the love tank becomes dry, the shelf esteem starts breaking and then the distance between each other starts increasing. In this situation, you have to take care that you will not forget your partner’s love. Use this love language to reach his heart. Make him believe that you understand him and by doing all this you can regain your happiness

Chapter 14 

Children and Love Language

  • This chapter is about understanding the love languages of your children. You will have to learn to develop a strong connection and loving relationship with your children. Here I have used many real-life examples of my marriage. And also of the couples whom I had counselled in so many years. So that the eject concept of this book is understood by everyone. I have also disseminated many such different situations and issues in relationship and marriage which I have counselled.
  • In this chapter, I have told how children act differently to show their primary languages of love. If a child has a habit that he takes a token of appreciation from his parents, then he will always want to get the gifts of the parents. This is his primary language of love. If every parent knows the primary languages of the love of their children, then they can help their child become a mentally stable person by raising them accordingly. And when the child’s love language is ignited, it can badly not only his childhood but his whole life.
  • In this book, I have also given two additional arguments for each love language. I have also described the profile survey for Husbands Your Wives as it can identify primary love languages. It is the responsibility of a parent to understand the love of their child’s love needs and to make them mentally, physically And give psychologically complete love and support. Every child should be made to feel love.

 Chapter 15

 In a personal word  OF love language.

  • here I recap the five languages of love. Communication is a very effective and necessary part of any relation. And five love languages can change any situation. But this will only happen when the partners talk in each other’s primary love language. People many emotional experiences, enter a married life with history and baggage. Everyone is someone’s Differentpersonality, has its Different characters. Everyone has different thinking and approach to marriage. There can be many differences between you, but never emotionally hurt your partner. When a couple finds a common ground for understanding with each other, they also learn to compromise to live with each other and save the marriage.
  • This is the final chapter of the book and in this chapter, I have revised all the lessons so that the readers can get a clear competition. The real purpose of this book is to reach all married couples. You will understand from the book how desperate the author is that all marriages should become successful and long last. I also want to share my dream here that the divide rate will be very high. I want to give every couple a positive impact on their love life.

Chapter 16 

Conclusion of love language

  • “The Five Love Languages” is a great story about love that makes your relationship strong. Love is something that is felt. For this, give your partner space and time. Give them imports and make them feel special. I will make the test to discover your partner’s love language so that you too can learn and talk to them in their love language which will give them lots of happiness. There is a need to pay attention to how you express love to your partner.
  • And if your partner has some complaints from you, then look at it, analyze how they want to see you behave. In Mary’s, a romantic love’s desire is deeply rooted in the psychological make-up of every human. Everyone should give value to their life partner and put the effort into their relationship. Learn to express your love and enjoy a long-lasting relationship by following these simple basic tips of love languages .



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