Missing Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advice to the Students


  • My advice to 25-year-olds makes enough mistakes. Don’t worry, you fall, you stand up. You fall, you stand, enjoy it. I mean, if you have a 25-year-old, enjoy the show. From the age of 30 to 40 you have to think very clearly, were you working for yourself? If you want to become an entrepreneur then think about 40 to 50 how you can focus on the things that you are good at. But when you are 50 to 65 years old. Work for growing people because young and growing people can do better than you.
  • Invest in them, making sarcasm at them, making sure they are good. So don’t worry 25 years old. Any mistake is income. Is there an amazing revenue for you in the future? It is not about the competition of knowledge. It is a competition of creativity. It is a competition of imagination. This is a learning competition. It is a competition for free thinking. If you think like a machine, the problem will come. In the last 20 years, people will be made like machines. In the next 20 years, Robot will seem like people.


  • Therefore in the future, it is not motivated by knowledge. It is knowledge-driven. It is inspired by the experience. It is knowledge-driven in the past and it is manufacturing-driven and inspired by creativity in the future. I think the world is going to change a lot in the next 30 years. New technology is going to change every perspective of society. So this is what we think the world should focus not only on IQ, EQ, but also LQ the Quotient of Love. Because only when you care about others who are successful and more successful than you. COMPETITION in the people
  • You have a chance 10 years ago the internet was so good when no one believed the internet was so good. Now the internet is so hard because all smart people go to the internet. Therefore you should go off the ground. I fail, fun things that I fail, a major elementary school test for twice and I fail for middle school to go to middle school like three times. No, I tried There is a test that young people do. If you want to go to university then you have to take exams so I fail three times when I graduated from universities. So I applied for the job 30 times, got rejected. I went to the police. They say: “No, you’re not good”. I had gone, even KFC when KFC came to China, 24 people had gone for jobs in our city 23 people were selected, accepted that I was the only boy. And we went to the police, 5 people, 4 of them accepted. I was the only boy they were not receiving. So I was turned down, rejected. Oh, by the way, I told you I applied to Harvard 10 times, declined.


  • I’ve learned a lot about Hollywood movies — especially Forest Gump — you love forest Gump — I love forest Gump — why do you like it? Simple Never People. Think he’s dull but he knows what he’s doing. And I was very sad that day. The year 2002-03 in the United States of America. I was very depressed when I couldn’t find a way for the internet and then I would watch the movie at my friend’s house. Forrest Gump When I see him, I think this is a man we should believe that you should love what you are doing whether people like it or not, be simple and like the word: “Life is similar a box of candies, you never distinguish what you can get”.
  • I never knew I would communicate to you. I never know but today I made it. I made my Said to his people in apartment 18, 15 years ago friends we have to work hard and not for ourselves. If we can succeed then 80% of the youth in China can succeed. We do not have a rich father, a powerful uncle. We do not have a dollar from the bank. Someone from the government just works as a team. I am concerned that many young people today lose hope. Lose sight and start complaining. We have the same problem. Is when I got it.


  • It is not a pleasant feeling to be rejected by so many people. We are also depressed but at least later, we find that the world has a lot of opportunities. How do you see the world? How will you seize the opportunity? Hence. Hollywood inspires me a lot. I never thought in the beginning. I felt when I was younger I said: “Everything is possible”. Now I know that everything is not possible. We have something that you have to think about. You have to consider others. You have to consider the customer society, your employees as shareholders.
  • There are a lot of things that I think if you continue to work hard. There is a possibility that this is not a mission. If you don’t do this then nothing is possible. If you try to minimize it then you hope, calm down. There is always a way there and keep yourself balanced and don’t try to keep the business in the meantime, there’s a competition, it’s fun. Trade is like a battlefield, you die or you win business. Even if you die, there will be another winner, right? So it is better than yes, tell them the story and tell them that if you can be Jack then you can. I don’t think many people in this world have been rejected more than 30 times.
  • The only thing you know is that we never leave a single thing, we are forest, Gump. We keep fighting. We have to improve ourselves. We do not complain if you are successful or not. I think people when they finish work. If they make a mistake and they fail, If they always complain to others then this man will never come back. If the boy only checks himself yes, something is wrong with me here, something wrongs me there. This man has hope.


  • So many people I talked to at the time for Alipay said that “this is the stupidest idea you’ve ever had” but I say: “I don’t care as long as people don’t use it Is a stupid clue “. Now we have 800 million people utilizing this Ali-pay. Many people say at 1999 the year 2000 and even Yahoo time: “This Jack is crazy, he is doing something we don’t understand”. Several enterprises give you funds because there is already such an American model but they say: “Alibaba? We don’t observe this manner of model”, right? He said: “Jack’s crazy” – Yes, this is a mad man. I remember the first time they called me “Crazy Jack” in Time magazine and I think crazy is good we’re crazy but we’re not stupid. We know what we are doing. But if everyone agrees with me, if everyone believes that our idea is good. We have no chance.
  • Therefore, we are very grateful for the money we have raised. So, when our investors make a lot of money, I feel proud and honored. Everyone has made it unique and different. So, you must have a unique and different method. Many people have a lot of complaints today. Say: “I don’t have the opportunity”. I have a lot of complaints when I was younger and a sudden feeling has not solved any problems. The opportunity is always at a place where people complain. There are lots of opportunities in the world. Because there are so many complaints. If you can resolve the complaint. One of the complaints is this opportunity. So this is my advice to young people to become an entrepreneur. Do not be afraid of failures and do not give up.


  • When we began the business we had 18 partners including me. Okay, today people think: “These 18 people are the smartest people in China” We don’t think we were smart. Honestly, we all graduate from small schools. The only thing we have done is we are very united. We all believe in the future. We are all optimistic. And we learn through mistakes. we never give up. If you graduate from renowned universities, please respect those who graduate from small schools. People like us graduate from small or not famous universities please respect yourself. We have a chance. We came down today we made a lot of mistakes.
  • People say: “You are lucky” Yes, we are very lucky that we have reached the size of today in only 19 years. But we have gone through many difficult situations. We made so many mistakes that people might not even think in 19 years. You have to go through so many difficult experiences and it will make you different.


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