• There is several students are there who are studying for lots of competitive exams, like study for UPSC, GATE, IIT-JEE, NEET. for these exams, you don’t have to study only hard, but you have to study smartly in a less time. Because the syllabus of these exams is very vast and you have a shortage of time, you have to cover lots of syllabus in very less time. And also, you have to keep these all thing in mind up to your examination.
  • If I told you that you can double what you are studying now in half the time. So instead of spending 20 hours a week or 10 hours a week you can do it in five or ten and double the amount you are doing and it will not be boring, it is sometimes difficult. , Let’s get this boring, it gets hard to start it gets hard to stay on track but what if it doesn’t have to be. What if I told you that it might require less effort then it could be more fun and a lot more exciting.
  • In this article, I am telling you 11 ways that you can do exactly how you can learn to study smart and this is something that if you follow this process if you follow along If you stick then it will win you respect and appreciation. All the teachers around you who are helping you get the grade you want. The students in the class who are sitting next to you, but most of all, the person who looks at you in the mirror every single day.

  • So let’s put it in the first thing that great students do when it comes to studying smart, they schedule their study sessions, spending too much time we fail to understand it. Time is something that you can control what I mean by this? I mean you have 24 hours, 86,400 seconds in a day and the person who has planned and prepared each one to the best of their ability, they are about to run out of their time. So the first thing is that you have to sit and have your morning throughout the week, from Monday to Friday, in your evenings on Saturdays and Sundays, in your breaks between lessons. 
  • What are you going to study What are you focusing on? So that when you sit at the desk you have nothing left to give a chance, but you have done exactly what you are going to do, it requires less brain power, precious mind, which You have to be focused to learn. Study effectively. It is not used in deciding what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, it is already set for you. I want you to imagine the life of an athlete who is preparing the life of a boxer for his final fight.
  • They do not give up their food, their training regiments, the things they need to work on, to give them a chance that they are planned and help you use the people around you Can.

schedule your study


  • the second thing you need to focus on is what we call the “Ebbinghaus Curve” and basically what it means is that you forget things over time, so if you learn something today, Then tomorrow you might remember 50% of it. After the day you can remember 25% of it and within a week you can remember only 5%. This is the way that your brain works, the sooner you understand it, the faster you can include it in your studies.
  • So let’s have a look at it, you use a technique called the SPACED REPETITION. so if you study a subject then the day you want to come back to it on day three, five, day seven and your Take out the repetition, the more you repeat. Deep memory becomes and it takes us to the next end which is the depth of processing.

  • When you take in information if you want to remember it more effectively, remixing it is a very powerful way to change this information. So you’re looking at the information in a textbook. Think about a poem, think of a pattern, make a video, make a colourful diagram, an illustration to help you change that information. Helps you remember on a deeper level. You do not want to read and study it and then read it again.
  1. Get Your Productive Study Place (The Right Place To Get That Half The Battle! Where Are You Most Productive?) 

  • The next thing is to do what it means by your location and what I mean is place,place, environment that What are you most productive in, who are you most focused on? One of the things we forget as human beings are that we are influenced by our environment. The kind of student you are in your class is different from the kind of student you are about to be in your bed when you are undercover and you take your laptop in your lap you will be more Occur. Producers from one region to another.
  • To find out what is there for you and make sure you arrive at that place as soon as possible. When it comes to studying, most of the difficulty is not in studying, the activism required for this is energy. In this article, I “talked” about how to maintain consistency in studies. Sometimes we focus on gaining more motivation, improving our techniques, and trying to increase our rocketship even more.

  • Ways to your study more effective, remove distractions such as social media to remove distractions so that you don’t have your phone, to turn it off, put it in a separate room. Distraction and I are talking about people. Your dog put your dog in a separate room. If you have a pet or any animal that distracts you, then you go somewhere far away from where you cannot get distracted and the only thing you can do is That is, focusing on the most important thing and the most important thing is studying, modifying, learning, striving to reduce those distractions and focus requires energy and you can use it on what Important and that brings me to the next point, you want to work on two levels!
  • cut out your distractions like a HORSE in Race, whose goal is just and just to win!

  • So increase your fuel and your motivation for studying think about it and write it down, telling people why you are doing this because I want to be a doctor, an entrepreneur, a social worker, a publicist. And at the same time remove the blocks that are stopping you. You remove the activation energy needed to start studying.
  • So before you go to bed at night, your notebook is out and ready on your desk, make sure it is free of any clutter, even the pen is ready so that all you have to do is you Sit down and start taking notes. You have to write the title or date because those things have already happened and what you want to feel here is a success. Success is a setup. It’s not an accident, so build it this way and set yourself up for success.
  • Habits, let’s talk about habits because as much as you want to be motivated if you want these things to happen easily then you need to build habits. Now think about brushing your teeth every morning when it comes to brushing your teeth, you don’t need motivation to brush your teeth or to go to the toilet or to put on your shoes Don’t watch a motivational video for you. In the morning.

  • the only thing you are doing is that you build habits and so you make it easier and easier for you to do what you need to do. Habits do not require motivation, so how do you build a habit of studying productively? You start small, you start with a small habit and you progressively make it harder and harder.
  • So you can initially start with doing 10 minutes in the morning and then your goal is to be consistent for just two weeks, study 10 minutes every morning, be very focused, very effective and then you can do it for 15 minutes, Re-create 2 weeks. Very focused, very effective and then you move forward for 20 minutes and the next thing you know that you are doing two hours every single morning before you go to school, college or university and you slow down your habits -Gradually with time. The problem we have is that we try a lot to focus on one thing at a time and that brings me to my next point.
  • To understand the habit in detail, you should read the book summary “Atomic Habits” by James clear.

  • Know what you are looking for when it comes to revision when it comes to studying, be smart about it, you don’t have to learn everything. is. Examiner, the teacher in the classroom knows what it is that they want to play the game because this studying game that you are doing right now, some of the things you are learning in this period of your life are functional and some of the things you learn These are lifelong practical things. So know the difference, if there is something that you need an examiner to see, if there is a way that you need to present your essay, if there is a way that you need to present the information then in that way Give When talent does not work hard, hard work defeats talent which leads me to my next level.
  1. HARD Work !:

  • It’s not just about good genetics, it’s not just about what you can do, you can be the smartest student in that class, just as I was, but if You don’t work hard like 20, 30. The other people in that room are going to kill you, they are going to destroy you and when they spend more hours on you in that day’s exam, they studied better than looking at the previous papers. did. Regarding the other students about what they needed to do and they were just sharp when it came to that moment like a samurai who keeps his sword sharp when the moment came when they started to strike, he didn’t hesitate to They only need one opportunity and I want you to be as fast as possible. So pay attention to the hours. So we have two more points left and these are probably the most important that I need you to focus now.

  • When you study, I don’t want you to study like a student, I don’t want you to study like someone in your class that I want you to be a lecturer Study. Now imagine the way that your teacher or your lecturer studies for the class. If they were sitting in that exam. If they were sitting for that study session, what are the things that they would do differently? Which books are they going to read differently? What kind of research will they do? And bring yourself in their shoes, in their mindset, because this is going to take you 10 times ahead. You are currently ten steps ahead of this. If you think like a beginner, you are going to prepare like a beginner, but if you learn to think like a master, like a lecturer, then like a person who is teaching everyone that preparation What level will be required? And then work accordingly.

study like an lecturer



  1. Use the LOCI method:

  • And the last most powerful practical technique when it comes to studying smart, which is known as the loci method or society method, and to keep it simple it means that if you are a new language Trying to learn, then come. You are learning Spanish. Use your room, use the home that you live in different places to keep different memories. So I used to use it when I was studying for French. I keep all the things related to the game in one room, I keep all the things related to the common conversation in my kitchen and I label the things, the spoon in my kitchen drawer I knew exactly if I was searching That information is my spoon in the drawer and if I look at the label in my mind I can see the word attached to it.
  • So use it, so when you are walking around your house a study session is now made and you are running inside the matrix that you have hacked the system. Even when you have dinner Sitting down and you can see. See the revision note of the module that you found difficult and every single day you are coming back to the same thing that I talked about at the beginning of this article, which is in repetition, you are repeating what you – What needs to be remembered repeatedly is the depth of processing. The reason for this is that it is powerful that you have created an extensive study experience and that is what makes it great.
  • There is no line between studying and not studying, there is no switch just there are different levels of immersion. So imagine if you are living in your textbook and your physical environment has represented everything you need to learn, you are wandering in this palace of information.
  • And I want to leave you with the most powerful quote when it comes to education.
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“There is no end to education, there is no end to the things you have learned. It is not that you read a book, you pass the test, and it is that you end the whole time of your life from that moment on. Been the moment you are born the moment you die is a process of learning, so if you can schedule your learning, you determine what you do when you take out your repetition. You learn you remix things so that you can remember.

For the spot, you distract, you increase your motivation and you block. You start with small habits and progressively make them harder and harder. And you know what you are studying, so you are learning those things, you are practical about it. you know that hard work beats talent. Not talent is your study job.

Acts as if you are a lecturer and not a student and you use that Loci method to turn the environment. you are into a rich palace of education. Are There’s no reason you can’t get more, do more and as I said at the beginning of the article. you make your study more effective so that,  you can do it twice in half the time and now it’s easy, exciting. and enjoy. And those are the 11 ways we accept it only the best and nothing less. I will see you in the comments below and make sure you are studying my other articles.

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