How to Stop Wasting Time?

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  • We all have heard the sound of a clock. Have you ever stopped your mind to think about what it means? There are two fixed points in your life. Birth and death. What happens under your control is the only matter under your control.
  •  Now, we have no idea what the distance between birth and death will be. And you have heard the story many times. Somebody gets very bad news, they find out that they have got a fatal tumor, they have got only a few months to live, they quit their jobs, sell everything and voluntarily go back home For, giving people significant time with them and spending time doing the things they love the most.
  • So, why is it that we wait for such a big moment for mass action? What if you can change everything today? What if you could change everything in a moment? Right now you are reading this article on your phone or your laptop, or wherever you are. What if change can happen?


  • “I don’t care how magnificent you are, I don’t care how proficient you are. I don’t care how much work you do on your own. There are times when duties are not right. Not properly. There are moments to go where anything can happen, Murphy’s Law will knock at your door. Why? ~ I don’t understand why. So that’s called life. And you have to deal with it. Sometimes your life is about the game. Like it would be in a recession, some of the greatest shooters can’t hit baskets at different times and games, they meet in a slump. Do they ever sit on the sidelines and say: “You know I didn’t hit a basket today”! They continue to perform. I suggest you if you are facing a challenge, don’t quit, keep busy, work. Plan, continue to do the things that you know you do in the situation. After you guess yourself, work for you, keep going, keep busy, keep busy, keep busy, repeat after me: “Support someone and encourage yourself because you are something That’s what you get “Discover someone you can heal, so you can ignore about you for a time. See, sometimes the best thing to do is, sometimes you just have to come back and go on your own”



  • So, I think there’s an easy thing that you need, that we hear again and again in these kinds of motivational speeches, and it’s a simple word but it’s misunderstood and it’s “faith” if you really Is going to change, then the first thing that you have to move from one perception to one belief, and one belief in one belief is that you are what you can change, you are what you are, where you are now Are responsible for the things you do in life, the things you do, the things you don’t, that you know you need, the things you’ve become, the person you have to develop and, as a result, the things you have Things are. And there are all kinds of matters going on right now, all kinds of thoughts going on, all kinds of emotions, but during all those things, a mentality among the sea of ​​confusion that you might feel. I have to ask you a very simple question, a very fundamental question: Do you believe that you have the power to change?


  • The time is still with us all. There is only one element in our lives that we can never get back once we are gone, and I’m not arguing about money, I’m not saying about material goods, I’m Speaking about time. And this is such a unique concept, an unusual idea because when used properly, it contains the components to win success, happiness, growth, all the things we want, but the same In time if it gets neglected a little.  Because the truth is that every morning when you wake up you are living in such minutes that you will never get back, you are blowing air that you will never take again, this is your one chance to embrace the gift And sees it a little bit every second. away. And I say that no moment is more important, not more perfect, so right now, not in a week, not after your promotion, not in 30 years when you plan to retire and relax.


how to stop wasting time?

  • See now, we have this mindset that the future is somehow more expressive than the present, that if we are suffering right now, or if we are upset right now, it will save a life for the best for another time. But the reality is that we are not small yes! We must work hard, success, effort, hard work, commitment, perseverance comes in handy, but the key is allocating your precious time to work, to the things that make you feel like today is great, it’s still too much Amazing you don’t want to end it. Today when you take the first step towards the things that you want when you become what you want to be. Nobody is ever or will ever separate you from yourself, there is no roof, no restriction, no special status, you are and you are the gatekeeper who allows you to get yourself, You have your foot on the gas pedal.


  • And it’s very easy to point to others, isn’t it? To look at our surroundings, to blame things on everything, but our own decision, our decision to stick to the status quo, because believe it or not, it is so simple that you are there because you are there. Are where you have made the decision, and you have accepted that it is okay, if you want to change, make changes, make a plan and go, go, change, get out of your head and go into the real world. Imagine about how lucky we are to be alive in this day and age to access all the information. we could ever dream of, a technology that enables growth, in any way. Freedom to continue, that looks attractive, whatever we want is right in front of us. Yet we do not embrace it.

  • Why? Why in the world would we let this happen? Nothing is more necessary than living it in life, nothing makes us feel more excited, independent, happier than following the path we were meant to take. It is the courage to step over obstacles, face challenges, be uncomfortable, and be tough initially, right? Change is hard, what you want is not easy, a phase of the struggle, of development, but once you get through it you understand what it is to live. This brings us back to the concept of time, our short existence on this planet, the greatest gift a human being can receive, you never let it go in vain by default.


  • The future does not happen when there is happiness for some time. It is a continuation for you to fully experience every second, from now on to your last, making each journey around the sun better than the previous. Never give even a moment of sunshine, cloud or rain, deprive you of your gift. Be the best version of yourself you can live the life you are meant to live. This is all a simple decision!


  • So, when you envision the change you want to create in your life, the person you know you want to be, based on the resources and ideas that you must have. What’s stopping you from waking up early? What’s stopping you from forming good habits? Stopping you from cutting people out of your life whom you know. No longer serves you? That clock always lasts and one day it will not calm you down and complete with this journey. It will end when people see your gravity at the time of your funeral. What it is that you want them to remember for you. What kind of impression and legacy do you want to leave through the lesson that is your life? And are you really living a lesson every single day? Stop waiting for tomorrow, stop waiting for the exact moment, and start now. Start believing, start imagining and create the life and person you want to see. Because like I said in the beginning, tick!
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