Most of us do not search how to keep watching comedy videos? How to run what’s app? Or how to watch the game of thrones series continuously. But what do searches do, How to Maintain consistency in studies. How to do the work of your essential routine continuously?

 So you will see further how you can bring these things to your consistency. And for that, you read this article with consistency. Because if your consistency is broken here, you will not know this thing at all.


Many difficult tests to be taken in our country like UPSC, JEE, NEET or CAT are not only in India but one of the world’s most important exams. So maintain consistency in studies to pass these types of tests. Is also very essential.

 In addition to these tests, to maintain success in life. It is very important to maintain consistency in your work.

So we will understand this thing with the help of the book ‘The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind


When things are going badly. And we don’t understand how to come out of these things. You have given up hope that nothing can happen anymore. You do not know what you are doing or what you want to do, 

 So the whole situation is like that with students. And how to handle yourself in these situations? How to stand on par with these conditions.

⚡Why is consistency breaking in studies?

Because we have more inclination in anything other than studies.

For us, the importance of studies is not so much that we have more importance towards other things. Because of which we get distracted from studies and are unable to create consistency.

 For example, as we message someone to our friend. And then he or she replies, then you reply to that thing. This goes on for hours. And a waste of your time.

So let’s understand this thing,

  • If we are reading a book, then we should know what we will gain by reading this book. You have to understand that thing from that book. So that whatever your purpose is to read that book should be completed. 
  • To understand the importance of your studies, things like this should be done.
      • You have to live your goal before you achieve your goal. and You have to realize every moment that you had decided to do this thing. You have to live your dream. And to achieve it, you have to think in every direction so that you can achieve your goal, your dream. You have to realize that you will have to work hard to get that thing and how to do it.
      • For example, any student who is preparing for UPSC has always been writing in his room like IAS officer, PRADIP SINGH, RANK- 1
      • And in this way he imagines achieving his success, always looking at that which gives positive energy in his body and after some time he also gets it. 
      • So for this, you have to live your dream, do not be afraid that it will happen or not. Only by keeping your goal in front of the eyes, you have to make an honest effort.
      • Because of realizing this thing, you will never let your consistency break. And only Because the importance of this thing is understood, we get the motivation to maintain our consistency.

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how to maintain consistency in studies


  • Many times we know what we have to do, how to do it, and Why to do it, but many times we do not know how much our intellect is expanding. Many times we do not recognize our ability in the right way, and we consider ourselves to be far behind from the rest of the people.
  • Many times we ask people to show us the work that we deserve and this means that you have closed the door to your progress. This thing tells that you have already decided the boundary line your brain. What you mean to say is that this is the comfort zone of your work, and you do not want to come out of that thing.
  • So because of this thing, we never get to know our calibre properly, we never think about what we can do. So it is important to identify your calibre.
  • And to do this, Gurumantra is that, ‘You should play with your powers, not on your weakness.’ You should overcome your weaknesses on the strength of your power. You do not always have to think about your weaknesses, how to overcome them. Instead, you should spend your time thinking of how you can use your strength to defeat your weaknesses. Because if you keep thinking about your weaknesses all the time, then you will lose the opportunity that you can achieve on your strength.

how to maintain consistency in studies?

  • After understanding the importance of your work and understanding the expansion of your wisdom, the next important step is to do “work” and analyze it before you go to sleep at the end of the day or night. Which time did you use the time, what percentage do you get from the timetable you made, and with this thing, you will know that in which corner you have wasted time, and how can you do that task in less time? , Or any other solution to that work. This is called time tracking.
  • Our subconscious mind expects the evidence to deepen any concern and to bring it into our conduct, that is why we have given it evidence to use the power of our subconscious mind and we give this proof with the help of time tracking.
  • We have to keep an account of our every hour, We will also have to see which work we do from what time till. And we also have to see how we can do the same Work in less time.
  • By doing this kind of action continuously for a month or two, you will be able to find yourself that you can increase the strength of your work in which place, and you can maintain the consistency of your work.
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