7 Ways To Increase Reading Speed.

7 ways to increase reading speed

Being able to read fast is one of the most important skills you need at university. Because the number of textbooks you’re expected to read depending on what you’re studying can be huge. And I remember my first semester when I was in my first year at university. The module I was studying was world … Read more7 Ways To Increase Reading Speed.

Self-Discipline can Transform Your Grades !

self-discipline an transform your grades!

I like how Will Smith put said. He said 99% of people are not willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true. The world is so competitive and challenging. Yet you’re making yourself weaker. You’re making yourself an easy victim of failure as soon as you graduate. Because the financial stability … Read moreSelf-Discipline can Transform Your Grades !

7 Attitude To Attract People.


Hello friends, The attitude of achieving something in life is started by breaking your own threads of capacity. you can understand this by this sweet story. An old man was selling balloons at the Fair. But when his sales used to decrease. Then to draw the attention of the people, he used to blow the … Read more7 Attitude To Attract People.

10 Mind Tricks To Learn Anything Faster

10 mind tricks to learn anything faster.

We are going to learn about 10 mind tricks to learn anything fast. Now began. 1. The Sleep Sandwich of  Learning Imagine you have an important performance and only one day to prepare. How do you learn a lot of information on the list anytime? most people try studying. they study the notes, review their … Read more10 Mind Tricks To Learn Anything Faster

Jay Shetty’s Ultimate Advice to the Students and Young People

ROLE OF PEOPLE IN OUR LIFE. My parents had a math tutor for me because they wanted me to be amazing at math. I was very good at numbers and I had this tutor and he would tell me that, he goes. The reason for struggling with the next question is that you are always … Read moreJay Shetty’s Ultimate Advice to the Students and Young People

How To End Procrastination ?

how to end procrastination?

CONCEPT OF PROCRASTINATION ‘I do not get the concept for procrastination like I do not believe that word. I told the young female who told me she’s a procrastinator. I said look if I told you to meet me here tomorrow at 5:00 a.m . And I’ma give you $3,000,000, where would you be?  She … Read moreHow To End Procrastination ?

How To Reduce Stress During Studying.

how to reduce stress during studying

SELF MOTIVATION TO REDUCE STRESS ‘Have you ever been so stressed that it’s hard to stay the main target (focus) on major goals? It’s difficult to see sometimes what lies directly in front of you. It’s hard to shuffle the many things that life is throwing your way. I recapture at one point. I struggled … Read moreHow To Reduce Stress During Studying.

Missing Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advice to the Students


EXPERIENCE My advice to 25-year-olds makes enough mistakes. Don’t worry, you fall, you stand up. You fall, you stand, enjoy it. I mean, if you have a 25-year-old, enjoy the show. From the age of 30 to 40 you have to think very clearly, were you working for yourself? If you want to become an … Read moreMissing Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advice to the Students



There is several students are there who are studying for lots of competitive exams, like study for UPSC, GATE, IIT-JEE, NEET. for these exams, you don’t have to study only hard, but you have to study smartly in a less time. Because the syllabus of these exams is very vast and you have a shortage … Read moreHOW TO STUDY SMART FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS ?


EXCUSES TO YOURSELF We have control of our second, minute, hour, our day, week, month and our year. Stop moving around being on the receiving end of whatever people want to drop on you. You determined up you accepted that invite you invited these people to your house you’re in a relationship with that man. … Read moreHOW TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES