achieve big grades by taking small steps.

Achieve Big Grades By Taking Small Steps


  • If you don’t know what to do. If you don’t know where to start. It’s very simple just aim to be a little bit better than you were yesterday. And when you start to do this you’ll start to see some incredible results. You’ll start to become someone that you never thought you could be. Because that’s exactly what I did. I was lazy. I was unmotivated I procrastinated for hours every day. But I made a promise to myself that every day I’d be incrementally a better person than the day before. Just making tiny changes each day instead of watching pointless videos on youtube for an hour.
  • I’d watch a one-hour educational documentary. Instead of coming home from school and going straight to turn on the tv, I’d study for an extra hour and then turn on the tv. It’s these small actions and improvements as each day goes by that slowly transforms you into a far better person. But your progression is not going to be a linear path.  You’ll go through cycles of stress and recovery.  So it’s just being able to surf the flow of that.  So you can start small if you normally watch two hours of Netflix at nighttime decrease it to one hour and study an extra hour that night. If you do that every day that’s seven hours extra studying a week.
  • You have to study hard you have to back your studying with hard work. You ask anyone successful what’s the secret to success. And a lot of people will say hard work. They do not doubt in their mind that they’re working harder than anyone else. So do you have it in your mind that you’re working harder than everyone else in your class? Or everyone else in your year. Because that work ethic is going to carry you through your education and be with you during your career to boost your success.  You have to appreciate where you are in the journey. Yeah, where you are is awesome but you could be better. Because we all could be better every single one of us including me. Because the process isn’t becoming better the process is in striving for more.

focus increases your grades


  • The process of becoming smarter and wiser and stronger and becoming the best version of yourself. That process is beautiful because striving is the journey.  It’s always about the small daily improvements that accumulate into one huge transformational improvement.  If we did even just a fraction of all the things that we know that we should be doing.  We’d all be getting ‘a’ grades right now.  But there are so many things that we talk to ourselves and say yeah I know I should be doing this. Yeah, I should be doing that. I should be studying more I should be eating healthier .we all know what we need to be doing to become better versions of ourselves.  But for whatever reason, we’re not doing it and so the ability to choose and decide to do what we know we should be doing.  Is almost like a superpower.
  • That’s what defines the greatest performance to the people that haven’t quite made it yet. It’s the difference between an ‘A’ grade student and a ‘C’ grade student. The secret student knows that he should be studying. But he doesn’t study straight away he procrastinates for an hour or two before he starts. Whereas the a-grade student goes to work immediately.  As soon as it’s time, not a minute after. When it’s time to study stand up to it, face it.
  • What does that mean to you? Is it something that is negotiable or is it a set in concrete? When the time comes are you stood there waiting. What is it that you’re waiting for? How much do you want it? Ask yourself what’s more important. Procrastination or your education? Because this is where your journey starts.  This is where you grow. This is where you adapt.  Grow to become the person that you admire because this is you. This can be you.  Start failing to respond to react.
  • It’s at crossroads like this where you decide where your future goes. All this work you’re doing right now is the steps before you break the ribbon at the finish line. This is your opportunity to change. Change towards a better life, towards a life where you are the director where you take control. Where you control the direction of your life.
  • trust me it will be worth it. I’ve been there. So it’s time to get your grades in check to start putting the effort into your studying to achieve the grades that you know you can achieve. And it starts with the number of hours you put into your studies.  It’s very simple on average the more hours you study for an exam the higher your grades will be.  Everybody wants to achieve grades in the top five percent of their school or university.  Everybody wants to be that person that appears to effortlessly glide through every exam. But I’ll tell you right now it doesn’t just happen. It’s the endless hours of reading textbooks. Practicing past papers. Asking the professor questions researching, reading, writing that’s what you don’t see.  How long are you going to continue your life taking exam after exam and getting mediocre grades and mediocre grades?
  • your life can change that change takes courage it takes courage to down your weaknesses. The weaknesses that you know are holding you back. It takes courage to stand up and face your demons head-on.  Make your life worth remembering to make your life worth the pain it took to get where you are now.  The hours of effort you have put in the hours of studying. Make it all worth it.  Just keep studying harder than you have been.
  • This is the time to become something more than ordinary. Because you’re more than average you always have been but for you to become this you need to work. You need to want it so much that it pushes you. It pushes you outside your comfort zone. This is where you become something .something better than now. Where you build a life for yourself. Because your life can transform into the paradise you’ve always imagined it to be.
  • stop being that person that is every time full of excuses. Stop being that person that has every excuse that why you shouldn’t study. Why you have better things to do.  You are the reason why you’re getting the grades that you’re getting. Also you the reason why negativity is following you everywhere you go.  You are the reason why you’re struggling financially.  It’s a  choice that you’ve made.  You have thought your way into mediocrity. Just like everyone else around you.  You have thought your way into negativity and despair.  So stop complaining about how difficult the exams are when you haven’t even studied for them. Of course, they’re hard if you haven’t studied.
  • You want to improve your grades you want to improve your life you want to improve your opportunities then you need to study and you need to start right now. You don’t want to wake up and get out of bed at five in the morning.  So get up and get out of bed in the morning. You don’t want to go to the gym so you go to the gym.  You don’t want to study for that exam that’s coming in two weeks. So you’ve studied for the exam that’s coming in two weeks.  It just takes a bit of self-discipline.  And it’s interesting because at first, it will be difficult. It will be difficult to get out of bed at five in the morning.

good grades increases confidence.


  • First at first the first one or two or three weeks. It’ll probably be really difficult. But if you stay disciplined it does become easier. And believe me, I would know I used to struggle to wake up in the morning. But now I can easily wake up at 4 45 a.m. It’s so easy that my body naturally wakes up five or ten minutes before my alarm clock goes off.  So you just need to get things done. Shut that down and don’t listen to that voice.
  • Instead, go through the motions. Get out of bed .go to the gym revise for the exams .and what you’ll find is you’ll just have more success and you’ll be happier. And when you have more success you’ll feel more fulfilled more content with your life. You’re not going to feel perfect every day. But you’ve got to push through those through discipline you get things done. That essay isn’t going to write itself that textbook isn’t going to read itself that class isn’t going to attend itself.  You have to do it. You have to do it now.
  • So stop thinking about it stop dreaming about it stop watching youtube videos about it. And debating whether or not to procrastinate even further.  But start studying. Take that first step and start studying.  And if you observe successful people. And you observe not so successful people .you’ll start to see that many of the successful people, all tend to do the same things. They all tend to act the same way and have the same habits. And the same personality traits.


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