About us


I’m a student, a lifelong learner and a writer.

I was born average. I have no talent. And I’m not special.

I grew up in India in an average household among the population of billions.

As I grew up, I started building up fear and anxiety about my future.
The expectations of parents, societal pressure and my concern about my future made me chronically stressed as a teenager.

To escape reality, I spent hours playing video games. But no matter how much I indulged, eventually, I had to return to reality.

Then one day, I was browsing YouTube and came across some videos of book summaries, those books summaries were of the famous personalities, mainly they were about biography or autobiography.

I realised that all the famous or successful persons faced with failure at least one time in his life. but what?? Had they stopped to do hard work?? Had they tried to make excuses for themselves?? NO, they didn’t stop it. they were continuously doing hard work.

So why should I stop the work??

It’s like turning point of my life. I can say it was just like an enlightenment for me.

And from that day to till now a day I faced lots of failure in my life. But I “NEVER GIVE UP” I am so much thankful to those videos maker and of course for the authors of those books.

I understood one thing. That “book has the most amazing power in the whole world” that it could make someone’s life very very much better.

Books can make someone”s life at the level, for which he even didn’t think of it.

Actually, since of my childhood or we all, heard about the importance of the books. but we never try to feel the books. Because the books of our schools and colleges give us only the knowledge regarding our field.. but life is much bigger than our field.

But to make our better life, better personality, the better character no one can teach us.

But BOOKS are the best TEACHERS.

So I came across the books, I minimize my distance from the books. I started to get in touch with the all inspiring, autobiographies, biographies, business-oriented, habit oriented etc. etc. types of books.
Now I have a totally different personality . and even when I am thinking about the two years back“BHAVYARAJ”.
Then I feel how much I am changed.

I am confident, inspired and especially one thing losing the fear of failure.

So let” S come on the main point,


Did you notice my website’s name ?? its
“art 4 inspiring books”.some people are very confused about my website’s name, let me explain… “ I saw lots of students, parents, teachers, businessmen to read a book. And maybe, you also noticed that kind of people.

But could they change their life? It’s simple  “NO”.

Because they don’t know how to read and learn from the book.

Here I  don’t make this website for the so common “BOOK SUMMARIES”

I make this website for “ Learning the ART of reading of inspiring, motivational books”.

This thing made from really hard work, and I try at my maximum level to teach you these things.

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