7 Attitude To Attract People.

  • Hello friends, The attitude of achieving something in life is started by breaking your own threads of capacity. you can understand this by this sweet story.
  • An old man was selling balloons at the Fair. But when his sales used to decrease. Then to draw the attention of the people, he used to blow the balloon in the air. So that the attention of the people would come to him. And people came to buy his balloons and stood away. One boy is come to him and said that This black balloon can also fly like the other balloons in the sky. The old person said, yes son, it can definitely. This balloon also can fly in the air because balloons fly in the air, not because of its colour but because of gas is inside it. But all these balloons are still tied with thread. Because of this, despite having the ability to touch the sky, it is still sitting on the ground.
  • So the people of this world cannot believe that these other balloons can also fly in the air. So I want to convince these people and To get their attention. I left a balloon up in the sky every once in a while so that the world will be convinced that it has the ability to fly in the sky. 
  • Friends this would have done the same thing with us. We all have the ability, knowledge motivation to touch the sky. But all of us are also bounded by the thread of close mindset and negative attitude. Despite this ability, we do not touch the heights of the sky. If you do not touch the sky like these balloons by cutting the rope of your clandestine mind and negative attitude, then the attention of the people will never go on you and despite having so much capability and ability, you never get an attractive personality.
  • so today I will you tell about such 7 attitudes that every person will be forced to think about you. by reading this article. Let’s see the whole thing, 

1. – The Attitude of Greatness

Eagle - attitude of greatness

  • Now the first thing you have to understand here is that the world never gives so much importance to the average and Mediator. This world appreciates the only person in which the attitude of achieving greatness is present. The lion rules the forest only because of this being greatness attitude. The eagle bird knows how to rise above the clouds only because of this attitude. Because both Lion and Eagle know that if we stay with the average then we will always be one and remain one. No one appreciates their ability to remain average. 
  • Now you will find it in humans also, like if you need a lawyer or if you need a doctor. Then you will always search for the best lawyer and doctor in the city. And finally, you will go to a person who has One must have done greatness based on their strength and ability. Even the best doctors or lawyers also have these abilities, but those people have never used their ability to achieve greatness. so that they failed to make their Unique Identity in society. and that is why people ignore them and go away. 
  • Whereas, those who have developed the attitude of greatness in their work, in their behaviour never have to go to the people. People come and draw on their own. If you do not believe, then take a look at the best doctors, teachers and businessmen in your city. You will know yourself.

2. – Go beyond the Limit.

  • You will get to see that, a person who goes beyond the limit and do his work, people become crazy about his attitude. If there was a time when the whole world felt it. It was said that a country like India will never touch the heights of the sky. So when India is even talking about to go on the moon in front of the world, people used to make fun of India. But this thing went bad to some crazy scientist of our country. And they did something so much that in 2013 they not only made a cheap and best satellite but also launched it not on the moon but directly in the orbit of Mars, that too at Rs. 7 per kilometre. In the world, till today, no human could even think in his dreams. Our country India has successfully demonstrated this, that too in the first time. And in the same way, crossing its limit. India established its record in the world that the powerful countries of the world were forced to believe the wisdom of India. And earlier we used to insult us by showing a finger, today the same hands by folded hands offer to respect us by bowing and saying hello.
  • And this miracle could have happened because India has a complete attitude to go beyond its limit. Which still dares to make the impossible possible.
  • So I want today, Everyone also has the same passion, same attitude. Seeing this, everyone will be surprised and come out from the front to honour themselves so that you never have to beg someone for your honour.’

india's mars mission

3. – Taking a big challenge.

  • Now next time we have to keep in mind that the world has remembered the same people who have a brutal attitude of taking the big challenge.
  • So we all know that about 33 crore gods and goddesses exist in our country of India. Even it will be even more than that, but out of the 33 crores, today you know of 12 or 13 Gods and Goddesses. Will you know why it was like that? Because we humans remember only those who have proved themselves and their abilities in front of the people by taking the biggest challenges. Like Lord Rama today knows the whole world. Because Shri Ramji had killed such a terrible demon who himself had kept Kaal as his captive on the strength of his power and his ability.
  • When Shri ram defeated such a great warrior on the battlefield, then this world saw the true face of lord Sri Rama’s ability and efficiency. And this thing is known today at home. If in the same way in Krishna’s life does not come with terrible challenges like Mama Kansa and Sheshnag. Then people Never find their true strength and mighty ability. They will be able to see the same thing in the stories of famous Gods and Goddesses. And if they have not done their work, then today we do not remember any of them that we are also found in humans. Today, whoever you consider being your mentor. whom we respect wholeheartedly. All those people have got the challenge lies in their lives. And they have made this world a perfect introduction to their functionality, so today we will give them a heart without any force We respect them and get drawn to them.

4. –  Entertaining Positive Attitude.

  • And the next thing we have to understand is that we all like the caring and entertaining positive attitude of any human being. Like you must have realized that the greatest actors are Entertain us throughout their lifespan by acting. They make us laugh, make us cry and those who keep the flame of positivity in us. And that is why we get very attached to them and even if by mistake when these actors leave our world. We feel so sad.  
  • But it is a matter of harmony, that you never knew these actors personally or they had never met you personally. But still, they have created such a special place in your heart that you feel very shock. Similarly, when your character is your attitude Entertaining and captivating. Even when people do not even know you personally, despite their attitude, they are drawn closer to you. Despite which they continue to clap for you, which affects people very much. 

5.  – Caring and Supportiveness.


attitude of caring and supportivenss
  • Next attitude that affects people the most is caring and supportiveness. No matter where you go in any corner of the world, if you have an attitude of caring and support. Then people will come on their own. Like ‘Mahendra Singh dhoni’. If you have ever seen Mahendra Singh dhoni playing. Then you will know that whenever this guy comes down in the ground of cricket and he comes with only one thought. And that is the thought of winning your team at any cost. For this, he accepts big challenges on his head. He takes care of his strategy very critically.
  • Even while batting, his focus in only on that how many run India need to win the match? Whether his century has been completed or not. And due to this Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s caring and supportiveness attitude. Since today, even though crores of people do not know them personally, yet the whole country loves them wholeheartedly. And without saying anything, people are automatically drawn towards them and give them full respect and love.

6. – Powerful and Strong Leadership.

  •  The next thing you Keep in mind that people will never trust you until you have powerful and strong leadership. Like if you have to travel by road from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Then what kind of driver would you like to travel with. Would you like to do one who is like me who has never been able to complete even a 10 km journey up to today? And another who has been driving a car in the country for 6 consecutive years. Then brother, now it is obvious that you like travelling with the 6 years experience driver. 
  • In the same way, people will realize your ability and your powerful leadership attitude only then they will want to trust you and join you from the front. But if you do not have the true ability of leadership. Then no matter how big things you do, people will never want to join you. Would not like bitter things, but this is the truth, my friends.

7. –  Never Give Up Attitude.

attitude of never give up
  • 1992 in the Olympics, Derek Redmond was trying to win the 400 meters race. But after crossing the 150 meters, suddenly he fell on the cross. Due to breaking the hamstring of his leg, he was unable to stand. But despite that, he forced himself to stand and started limping and racing in the race. Now the pain was so much that his eyes were filled with tears. But still, he kept running, running with one of his feet while limping.
  • In the meantime, his father also came to talk. And Derek has left along before he could reach the final line so that he could finish the race finitely. It is obvious that Derek came last. But still seeing this view, 6500 people stood up and given him the standing ovation. And Derek got as much respect that even the winner of that race did not get. 
  • He completed the race with his never give up attitude and his passion. This attitude touched so much that even today people remember Derek’s name accurately. But not many people know who came first in that race. 
  • So friends, If you have the same attitude then people will be forced to think about you. They on their own and will never be able to ignore you even if they want to. So friends, which of these attitudes is present inside you, I want to know, please tell me by commenting.

 ~ thank you for reading this article.


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