• When Serra Robinson 24 was, she came to know a lot of shocking news. He finds out that she has a tumor in her brain. Because of which her life will end within just a few years. All her dreams were broken by her hopes. However 1.5, in the painful battle with cancer for years, instead of taking pity on him, she did something that you and I cannot even imagine. The thing was that Sera had noticed one thing during the treatment. She Did notice that many patients who used to come to the hospital for treatment came from far and wide. a day 5-5-6-6 a week by driving hours 5 days and for a 6 constantly weeks. Why just because they did not have the money to stay in the hotel.
  • ·        Sera felt bad about this, so she took a mission that she would prepare the facility near the same hospital. Where people trapped in this type of problem can come and stay. She worked very hard to fulfill this dream. Worked a lot even after suffering from effective treatment. When she did not even wear clothes by herself, she still worked. After which she died in 2011, fighting cancer. But before that, she had deposited the donation of 1 million dollars which was needed to make that facility
  • ·         Sera was truly a hero. Instead of crying over her situation, she did something that today people cry after listening to her story full of Brewery.
  •  So friends when we are children. Then our parents teach us that if you do good then you will get good in life.  He focuses on things like fairness, equality. This means if they provide chocolate to one son then you will get the other son also. And he does so many things, unknowingly teaching that the world is a fair place. Apart from this, the school’s story, advertisement, society teaches all that it will be good if you stay good. But the truth is that we will always get good treatment from this type of thinking. This thinking makes us mentally weak. Because life is not a perfect place. People and our luck don’t need to always be with us. And justice should always be with us. No matter how good we are.


  • Don’t ever think That world or any person owes you anything that does not just because you are doing something good So they or life should also do well in return with you. Such thinking will make you a week.
  • For example, in the story, I just told you Serra could speak comfortably about how unfair she was and she also deserves Happiness. And weeping but she dies. Rather he understood that life is not always fair, but always giving our best, living for others is our real job. Whatever we should do. And this was also the reason that Serra Before saying goodbye to the world even in trouble, always said ‘I am the luckiest person in the world’. This is a mentally strong person.


  • OTHMAR AMMANN was a very famous architect. He was from America Made very famous bridges. And he also received many awards. But what was special about him was that he had not done building design after taking a school or college degree. Rather, he started at the age of 60. Leaving his very good engineering director job. The age at which maximum people do not even think about that, Othmar took the risk. So that he can fulfil his dream too. But pay attention to one thing, he did not take this risk just randomly but thought it very carefully. The truth is that risk is always of 2 types 
  • 1. Calculated and  2. Stupid
  • for example, a gambler also takes a risk when a gambler is gambling. He thinks that it will make him rich. Mentor Benjamin Graham of Similarly Warrant Buffett also says that even the maximum people in the stock market Let’s take the risk. He puts his money without knowing anything so that he can become rich as soon as possible and in the end loots all his money. And then they say that the stock market itself is rubbish and taking risks is not right. On the other hand, some smart intelligent investors take calculated risks, unlike gamblers. This means that they do their fundamental analysis of the company. , maths, history, psychology Understanding all such things and then invest money. The result of which only a few people become very rich, because of the calculated risk of. So the calculated risk for this makes a person from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Mentally Strong people follow while the weak people always do wrong in Greed and Emotion. And do their damage.



  • recently news was getting trend of everywhere How Baijus has just bought 18- month startup for 300 million $. It means more than even 2200 crore rupees. People said that the founders of that company were got dam lucky. They got overnight success. But The truth behind this 18 months startup is the hard work of 18 years of its founder Mr Karan bajaj. People don’t see this. He was an engineer who completed his MBA and he is also a monk who has written three books. Out of them, the rights of 2 books are already bought by some movie production houses. Apart from this startup, he was also the head of Discovery South Asia before. Mean a lot Experience, hard network and hard work are behind this success. Because of which only the great results can see there, but the maximum people will not see this, then they see just 18 months – 300 million $.
  • In today’s time, in people, impatience has increased a lot. To the extent that you cannot even think. With research, It was revealed that every year Amazon could lose up to 1.6 billion dollars if their website would load slowly with just one hundred seconds. So it’s always Focus on keeping it fast. everywhere you look peoples are becoming impatience.
  • Those in today’s date always think that they wish to soon as possible success as getting. The thinking that makes them Mentally Week. While emotionally strong people understood that for successful results, a lot of hard work and time has to be invested. If we always, expect immediate results then we will start ignoring our small aspirations. And with which we will stop growing the results today. That is why if we have to reach the end goal. So it is important that we set small achievable goals to keep and celebrate each goal with patience. Along with being successful, we also have to work on our high self-esteem.


  • 55 years old Gloria, was quite successful in her life. When her daughter was growing up, she used to be immersed in her past. Because very bad things happened to her in past. She was always in the wrong relationship which gave her a lot of problems. she had suffered a lot of abuse. But again, because of living in the past for years, it was because of his daughter who 18 had become years old. For which she never wanted anything like this to happen to her. But Similar things started happening to her now. Like her mom, she always used to fall into the wrong relationship and had ruined her life. 
  • Because her mom never paid attention to her nor did her mom’s experience teach her anything. Just Because of always living in her past.


  •  Many times because of living in their past They do not live well with their present. Because of this, we are spoiling both our present as well as the future. Like Gloria was doing with herself and her daughter in the story. Emotionally strong people understand this and they don’t think much about the past. And just make efforts to put their present good. 
  • For example, WYONA WARD grew up in a small village in America. Where there was a lot of domestic violence. She also saw her mom who often abused by her father. It was a really painful traumatic experience for her. 
  • Nevertheless, she left from there and progressed a lot in her studies. Only a few years later, when she came to know that his elder brother is doing similar things. Then she thought that just enough, she would have to do something. Then she obtained a degree after studying law. And in association with his husband, an organization Created So that domestic violence victims Could reach the court. 
  • She used to take him from his truck to court and also get justice. If friends, Wyona also wanted, she could have tried to forget her past throughout her life like Gloria. But with the help of her past, she became emotionally strong and made her work to make her present the best. she was always immersed in the same thought so that she also created a huge difference. And made her life a batter as well. Put that remember all the things on past dwell and Stop two Siraco will make a strong and true tone. But this does not mean that you do not forget your past, but you learn from your past and learn from them With Should move forward in your life. Such a thing will make you strong and successful.



  • When Kristi Meets the author for the very first time then she tells the author that she is smart enough that she doesn’t yell at her colleagues, but she yells at their children so much. But they don’t listen to me.
  •  Kristi Knew that even by shouting at their children, they don’t listen to her. But still, she used to make the same mistake again and again. Gradually, she began to understand that she had done this because she did not know what is another way to explain this to the children. In the next few sessions, the Author worked with her to create new ways.


  • for example, Krishti now Instead of shouting to her children, again and again, just giving a warning. After which if they do not listen to her, then all their electronic devices will be taken from them without saying anything and she will not give it. She knew that in the beginning, The children will be angrier with her and probably in a worse way Also behave. But she kept herself emotionally strong. And along with the ultimatum time, her children also started obeying her. Krrishti’s screaming stopped. And they started getting life’s configuration back, control came back.
  • People will get you to say that whenever you fall, you should get back up and keep moving forward. Whatever it may be. But even a step further, the author says that before getting up again, the better is that we have to understand first that why we fell? 
  • so that we never make a mistake back then. Strong people understand that mistaking is common but they also understand that repeating the same mistake repeatedly is not good and is stupid. So do a mistake, learn from it and grow, which you should also do. These five things that Mentally Strong people do not do.




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