5 mistakes by nice guys

5 Mistakes By Nice Guys.

  • Friends, A person who lives as to be very Nice. The author says that there is a 99 % chance that someone will be cheated. Will take advantage of him. Which will harm that person a lot. Because of becoming too Nice, a person will always live his life according to others. they will not be able to work properly on their goal. And there is a lot of chance that they will never be happy in life again.
  • Therefore this is important to understand that being too Nice is not good. Yes, you do not have to become a bad person, but being Nice is also right to an extent. Beyond which everything starts going bad. after then people will stop respecting you. All will take you lightly and your attractiveness appeal will also be less. In This Article, I share with you 5 mistakes will. with the help of ‘NO MORE MR. NICE GUYS ‘ Book. So that you do not always make these mistakes in the circle of being Nice.

attractiveness appeal of the nice guys

1. Don’t hold back to be nice.

nice guys problem. -> don't always hold BACK

  • John was a 33-year-old successful business consultant who is doing very well in his life. he is great in looks and personality. But still, he was stuck in a bad relationship. because for being a Nice guy he never able to express his feeling openly. Then whether the matter is big or small. because of which they felt like their relationship was a burden. But whenever John went to discuss the relationship with her girlfriend. Even before he thought of ending it, he would always continue his relationship with his girlfriend by looking at the emotions and continuing the relationship. Whose result, neither was he happy in that relationship nor was he able to keep his partner happy.
  • Most of the time they used to have fights. and due to these all john go to in depression. The biggest mistake of Nice guys is that they never speak anything openly. He never tells what things he likes or does not like.
  • EXAMPLE, If two people say that we have to watch this movie, then they will also agree with them that let’s see. even if he does not want to watch that movie. it means he would watch a movie after being bored for hours. rather not to speak that he does not want to see that movie. The same thing makes him a dull and boring person Who do not have any wish of their own. So remember the important thing, people who speak their words openly without worrying about anything that other people may not like. Such a man is 100 times more manly than a person who always does things to please others.

So lesson number->do not always hold back

  • Your Opinions, Do not hold your things and speak.

2. Set high standards.

nice people have to learn set high starndards

  • There was a boy in my college with whom everyone used to joke a lot. Actually joking was less, people used to make more fun of him more. Boys and girls used to hit jokes on him. Were insulting him and what he used to do in return, well nothing.
  • usually, he used to smile with them, sometimes he was irritable or sometimes he did evil behind his back. The same people were to tell him to do some work, especially the girls who had told him anything. Like, for xerox bringing, the giving assignments etc. then he used to do their spoken things. of Thinking like, these people will love him especially the girls. everyone see him as inferior. And after work, they used to make fun of him again. Like, this used happens with the Nice people, which is the second mistake, – The mistake of not having high standards. So, friends, a person should always set a high standard for himself.
  • When a person makes a joke, it is okay for some time. But if people always make fun of you, then you should do something about it. You must be angry, or explain them with love. And if you cannot do all these, then avoid being with them. You should make such friends who respect you a little bit, that you do not go to them again and again and do the same work which makes fun of you again and again. Being the servant of all will fall your standard. Helping is sometimes okay but not becoming a servant. Remember this. And send me your standard that I can do these things but I cannot do this. This joke is fine for me but not too much. etc. etc.

3. Nice guy has to learn to Put his need first.

  • Larse was the successful Executive of a multi-level company. But still, he considered himself unimportant. He found his life to be unhappy. Because of which he started going into depression. He felt that all his work was meaningless. After this, sleep again at night also stopped. And the migraine problem was occurring regularly. Now, the thing to think about was that his life did not have much problem. He had a good job, a good house, a good family too. But despite all that, he was not happy. he went to the therapist and the author of our book Robert for the counselling. In the first session of Counselling, Larse told the author that, due to this type of feeling, he wants to leave everything and go somewhere. 
  • Even such thinking makes them feel guilty. They do not understand what to do. Notice the same thing author started to ask the questions related to working with Larse. In other things very important questions, he asked, what you do every day for yourself. Now Larse thought about it a lot of time and after a while, he also counted some things. But after a little discussion, he realized that he was doing things like going outside, meeting someone, but only for his family and his children.
  • And he wasn’t doing a single thing for himself. Which was also the root of all the problems. the author says that sometimes we behave more nice. and due to this more nice behaviour, we put our own needs on the side. We do not do only what we want. Whose results we keep mentally and emotionally breaking slowly. We cannot balance our mind and body. For that, the author asked Lars to do such things for himself for the solution. Specifically 4 things, so surprisingly they started recovering very quickly. What was it? There were four things and four things.
  • (1) workout and meditation mean working out at the gym or home, meditation for the body and mind. (2) To make a new hobby or give time for the old habit. (3) without any concern just take rest, whether it is a long time sleeping rest or chill out with friends type of rest, or go for vacation type of rest.
  • And reading any good self-help or reading a fiction book that you like, you give yourself time while learning some things.

4. Stop fearing confrontation.

stop fearing confrontation

  • Many people sometimes go to restaurants, give some orders and sit comfortably. After this, the food in front of them how late they are, no matter how much they get burnt, no matter how raw they come, and even if it is so bad that even taking a bite is difficult. But those people do not speak anything. Eat it or order something else. They waste their money because they are too nice who don’t want to create a scene. This thing is not good but Stupid. And to tell the truth, I was also like this before.
  • Whatever it is, did not want to create a scene. And I used to eat whatever is in front of me quietly. But do not tell anything to the owner of the restaurant. Which was stupid. Now, on the other hand, some people in the extreme start calling the manager even if there is a little problem. Go without paying. Or create needless scenes. And yes, maybe that’s not right either. but at least confront the problem, and do not waste your money is necessary.
  • People who shy away because of being a good many times. And this is also not a matter of any stranger but any topic logical argument, that can be run away from such things. And confront never. Like John was doing in a story mentioned in the first point. Do not make the mistake of this. If anything does not seem right, confront it. Yes, it will make you uneasy. but still, you should say that. Politely right butt. confront. Don’t run away from unconquerable situations. face them, it will help you to growth.
  • If you afraid or you want to stop making excuses then you should read our article ‘HOW TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES’


  • Ramesh was from a middle-class family who was a Nice man. He used to work in a big international company. With which his house used to run. He was doing very well in his life. Used to earn good money. Which he also bought a big house for himself. The house was on loan, whose EMI he used to pay every month. There were sons whom both went to college. Ramesh used to fulfil every one of their wishes. Whatever they wanted, he brought them. Because to do this he considered the responsibility of a good father. like, example,
  • One day, both sons curried the bike with his dad. Within a few days of which he Gave to both sons a bike On loan. In the same way, he always used to do good things for them, give them new phones or if he insists that he would fulfil them.

nice people - stop pleasing all everytime everyone

  • On the other hand, he has some friends, they also used to borrow money from him. Ramesh used to give them without saying anything. Many times his friends do not return his money, Even though he did not speak anything to them. because he wanted to be a good friend. Now because of all these things and this month EMI filling, lending to people, fulfilling every wish of their children and doing so many other things, their huge income used to be spent. It was not saved. Everything was going on like this, but suddenly one day Ramesh fell very ill. After testing, it was found that There has been a major illness.
  • Because of this, they will cost millions every month. they had no savings. and even he couldn’t continue his job and his dear sons also did nothing. Because He got caught in a lot of trouble. And when he asked their friends for their money, they all made excuses one by one and did not give him money. After which he had to sell his house unfortunate. And after that, his lifestyle and everything started becoming very poor. And this happened now because of always having to be Nice to everyone.
  • The author says that many times people are so lost in becoming Nice that they do not even think about themselves. Do not think about their future. Do not think about the future of their children. If the result of which is anything bad in their life, then such people become a loser. Don’t do this last 5th mistake ever in your life.
  • Do not do things to please every human being. Otherwise, you will not save yourself anywhere. Be a little tough, don’t always say everyone, yes, to stay strong if it comes to growth. It will be very good for you in the long term for all of your children and your family. I told you all these things ‘ NO MORE MR. NICE GUY ‘ book. Every nice guy must be read so that they understand what is good to do and what not to do.


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